Announcing – Tea & Biscuits 2: The Re-Fill


Announcing – Tea & Biscuits 2: The Re-Fill

Tea and Biscuits 2 Tour Flyer

Here’s the flyer for our Volume Bikes / MARKIT BMX / Demolition Parts UK tour – Tea & Biscuits 2: The Re-fill – that’s going down in a few weeks. Check the dates and be sure to make it along to one of the stops – bring your bike and a mug!!!

Fastest Dude


Fastest Dude

Demolition Parts Dennis Enarson was on for the win here at the Vans US Open but a nasty leg gash kept him sidelined for the finals. Gary Young took gold, Chase Hawk won best line and Tom Dugan won highest air. There was no prize for “Fastest Dude” but if there were then Kris Fox would have won it by a country mile. Kris Fox arrives in the UK in 21 days time. . .!!!

Hucker and Tyler in Raditudes Ep. 4


Hucker and Tyler in Raditudes Ep. 4

This paragraph has been ripped off in its entirety from here. The fourth episode of “Raditudes” just dropped and this episode is pretty damn funny and has a ton of awesome riding throughout. The funny moments include Tyler falling in love and wanting to marry a cirque du soleil olympian moments before Hucker gets mesmerized by her upside-down lady parts… The other thing worth mentioning is just how crazy Tyler’s trucks to downside whips are! Just watch and see for yourself. Stoked on this series! Good job dudes!

“Alright Naughty!!”

“Alright Naughty!!”

“Alright Naughty!! You remind me of my pinky toe: you’re small, cute and I’ll probably bang you on my coffee table later” said our Demolition Parts team rider Jordan on Tinder – just one of many classic “Aleppo Talk” lines – during his day in the life video here. . .

Big In Japan


Volume & Demolition – Big In Japan

Volume & Demolition team riders go to Japan to ride some amazing skateparks, crazy street setups and everything in-between. Watch Dennis Enarson, Tyler Fernengel, Kris Fox, Connor Lodes, Broc Raiford & Alex Raban killin’ it on Japanese soil. Get excited – our Volume, Demolition & Markit Denim UK Summer tour is just round the corner – remember to keep your diary free for the last week in August. . .





A few photos from last night’s mellow session at Elephant team riders Gilly and Nash’s yet to be named trails. . .









Free Stickers & Free Postage


Buy Markit Stuff – Get Markit Stickers

Free Stickers Markit Flyer

We’ve just had a fresh batch of vinyl Markit stickers in and will be sending a bunch out free with every order from our newly launched Markit BMX UK online store. Postage is free too. . . Have a click around here:

All Star Session @ House Park

Throwing Like A Girl @ House Park

Last year, while out in Austin shooting a Tom Dugan interview for The Albion, I had a memorable ride at an All-Star Session at House skatepark. I didn’t have my bike but this dude Garrett lent me his. There were loads of hot shots riding that night, it was fun and I was keen to impress some people and prove The Albion to be a legitimate mag made by people who not only own BMX bikes, but actually do legit stuff on them. I decided an ice pick down the big rail would turn some heads and do the job a treat. With my rail game being a bit rusty I figured I’d do a few warm ups, so I did a couple of fast ones where I just tagged the last couple of feet of the rail – just to get a feel. They felt good so I went much slower on the next one with the aim of sliding the thing right from the top – and thus proving how manly and skillfull I was. It didn’t go well. I blame it on the unfamiliar bike. I did a dud hop and locked my back peg perfectly under the rail and against the first upright. With the bike stopped dead and with my momentum still intact – I was sent flying fully extended from the top straight to flat. I landed stylishly on my right eyebrow and shoulder in a classic scorpion. Apparently there was a loud slap like someone punching a raw 10lb Texan steak. And apparently my feet nearly touched the back of my head – like a master Yogi. I turned some heads alright! I lost consciousness for a bit and when I came back too my shoulder hurt and even now to this day I throw stones like a girl. – S. Bancroft

Here is a video of some hot shots riding House park better than me, including Demolition Parts and MARKIT BMX rider Dennis Enarson and Markit rider Chad Kerley.

Big Hop Demo Dates Coming Soon. . .


Broc’s Big Hop Demo Dates Coming Soon. . .



Volume Bikes team rider Broc Raiford is flying over to the UK late August for our Summer Tour – we’re gonna pack him and a bunch of his team mates into a van and drive them around showing off how high he can hop! Be there or be square. . . Big Hop Demo dates coming soon. . .

The Perfect Trick


Kris Fox, The Sylus Stem & The Perfect Trick



Whilst in the air on a BMX bike there are a near infinite number of tricks one can chose to perform – most of which can be assigned to a certain catagory – there are the “Look At Me” flairs and spins, there are the “Feel Good” kickouts and cross-ups, there are the “Style For Miles” tables and turndowns, there are the “More Is More” doubles and triples – the list goes on and on. But there’s one choice which in our eyes could be considered the “Perfect Trick” – the One Footed X-Up – when executed smoothly and well-wrapped it’s a trick which spans all categories without fitting into any. So next time you’re heading towards a transition – do yourself and everyone watching a favour – think “One Footed X”.
Here Demolition Parts Kris Fox floats a textbook example of “The Perfect Trick” to promote his signature Stylus Stem while out in Japan. Photo by Joey Cobbs.