The force is strong with this one

“The force is strong with this one”


Awsome photo gallery from Yesterday’s new Enarson edit over on Dig – shot by Vince Perraud. Look at Ruben! Check him out! What a badass!! He’s turning into some kind of Jedi Yoda Godfather figure to BMX’s best – they all fly out to Malaga and Ruben takes them under his wing and teaches them “the way”. “The force is strong with this one” – eh Ruben??


Rawb Wise

Rawb Wise – Beast Mode Always

I like all the nibbly flat ledge riding that’s clogging up the internet these days – it makes proper riding look even better. . .

UK “The Finer Things” Premiere – 26th February

UK “The Finer Things” Premiere – 26th February


It’s on!!! Our UK premiere of Volume Bikes ”The Finer Things” DVD – Thursday 26th Feb at Entity BMX / Prevail Skatehouse, Poole, Dorset. Screening at 8:00pm – with free entry. . . and hot dogs. . .

The Finer Interview On Things


Drinking From The Mug Or Is It A Pen Holder?

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 10.59.25

A finer interview on things. Dig have an incredibly in-depth and thorough interview with the filmer and director and editor and star of Volume’s new full length DVD, The Finer Things. Check out the back of his desk – we’re stoked to see that he’s been getting the caffeine fix needed to complete an epic project like this through a mug we gave him! (or is he using it as a pen holder).


Ender Ender – Dennis Enarson

Ender Ender – Dennis Enarson

The 2nd instalment of Dig’s new feature Ender Ender catches up with Demolition’s top trophy winner Dennis Enarson on the epic final clip from his section on their last full-length Last Chance.

Demolition Parts 2015 Product Range


Demolition Parts 2015 Product Range

Demolition 2015 parts range

Clocking up over 1 million clicks of his mouse in the process, Demolition CEO Brian Castillo just finished knocking up the new parts catalog with everything you can expect to see that’s either out now or very shortly soon to come.  Click HERE to view it BIG.

Ryan ‘Biz’ Jordan Is Still A Badass


Yep, Ryan ‘Biz’ Jordan Is Still A Badass

Just in case you were wondering. . . (oh, and in case you were wondering about anything else – you can go backwards without having to pedal with one of these)

Enarson’s Rig Line by Demolition


Enarson’s Rig Line by Demolition



Enarson’s Rig Line tyres are in the building and have been going steadily out the building to bike shops near you – if not, ‘ave a word will ya!

Kris Fox With Tea & Biscuits Extras

Leftover Tea & Biscuits With Kris Fox

We’re so proud that Elephant Distribution played a part in this!! Plenty of footage of our Rush and Level sessions from the summer in here and worth a watch for the Woodward roof manual line alone! Please Chris – slow down long enough to buy us dinner soon!

The Winbourne 2014 Video


The Winbourne 2014 Video

Plenty of good times from our friends over in Winbourne in this one – a perfect local scene video with a golden-timeless-feel from the very same camera that brought to you Clicked Video Magazine. I’m so stoked to have a few clips in here – even if most of them are crashes. . .