Everyone loves a crash section


Everyone Loves A Crash Section

If you ride then you’ll 100% certainly enjoy watching this crash section from Markit Zero. The reason you’ll like it is called ‘schadenfreude’. It’s a German term meaning ‘harm-joy,’ taking pleasure in the suffering of others.

It’s linked to social comparison theory, which clams there is an inmate drive in all humans where we feel better about ourselves through someone relatable to us [a fellow rider] failing – it’s a self affirming boost. So click play, sit back and enjoy 7 minutes of mainly Demolition Parts’ riders getting hurt, safe in the knowledge that it’s not you!

Realtime with Dennis Enarson


Realtime with Dennis Enarson


With medals at X Games, Dew Tour and Munich Mash already this summer – take a look at what Dennis Enarson get’s up to when he’s not stood on a podium. When you’re used to seeing him pull everything first bang, it’s weird watching him struggle on that fakie wall to whip. And who’d have though he’s into plane spotting!! Big up Dig BMX for producing great exclusive independent content. Big up Enarson’s Rig Line through Demolition Parts for helping him win medals. And big up his dad, Kenny Enarson for keeping things rolling with Markit Denim.

Tyler Fernengel Riding An Old Stadium


Tyler Fernengel Riding An Old Stadium

Like most things big companies do, this video is sentimental and dramatic, yet superficial and unconvincing – but Tyler Fernengel’s riding miraculously manages to wrestle it round to a decent degree of credibility. The truck at the end. . .!!!



Dennis Enarson – Mugged In Texas

When X Games are putting on the best events – BMX must be in a weird place! Enarson, Doyle and Hucker all medalled for Demolition over the weekend – check some videos here.

Company Property – 180 Distribution

Company Property – 180 Distribution

Star studded session outside 180 Distribution (home of Demolition Parts & Volume Bikes) – can’t wait for the RIDE bmx crew to stop by Elephant HQ and film Russ and I having a session on our Moam flat bar!!

Poopin’ In The Shower: With Mike ‘Hucker’ Clark


Poopin’ In The Shower: With Hucker Clark



Hucker has a new signature seat and shirt due over here imminently  - and he also recently took a dump in a shower which was occupied by his Demolition Parts team mate Tyler Fernengel – what a guy! If you’re interested on knowing more about that click HERE or if you’re interested in knowing more about his signature seat like HERE. . .

The force is strong with this one

“The force is strong with this one”


Awsome photo gallery from Yesterday’s new Enarson edit over on Dig – shot by Vince Perraud. Look at Ruben! Check him out! What a badass!! He’s turning into some kind of Jedi Yoda Godfather figure to BMX’s best – they all fly out to Malaga and Ruben takes them under his wing and teaches them “the way”. “The force is strong with this one” – eh Ruben??


Rawb Wise

Rawb Wise – Beast Mode Always

I like all the nibbly flat ledge riding that’s clogging up the internet these days – it makes proper riding look even better. . .

UK “The Finer Things” Premiere – 26th February

UK “The Finer Things” Premiere – 26th February


It’s on!!! Our UK premiere of Volume Bikes ”The Finer Things” DVD – Thursday 26th Feb at Entity BMX / Prevail Skatehouse, Poole, Dorset. Screening at 8:00pm – with free entry. . . and hot dogs. . .

The Finer Interview On Things


Drinking From The Mug Or Is It A Pen Holder?

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 10.59.25

A finer interview on things. Dig have an incredibly in-depth and thorough interview with the filmer and director and editor and star of Volume’s new full length DVD, The Finer Things. Check out the back of his desk – we’re stoked to see that he’s been getting the caffeine fix needed to complete an epic project like this through a mug we gave him! (or is he using it as a pen holder).