Enarson Rig Bar/Line Promo

Enarson Rig Bar/Line Promo

It’s safe to say that Dennis Enarson will not be making an appearance on a Rodeo Peanut compilation anytime soon – this promo for his new signature Rig Line should tell you all you need to know about why you need Rig bars in your life and why “D” is not only the best rider for his age in his town but is in fact the best rider for his species in his universe. . .


CK Jean Promo To Watch On Repeat For A While

Chad Kerley breaking new ground in the name of MARKIT BMX. We’re gonna have a new batch of CK jeans available real soon – we’ll keep you posted on exactly when that’ll be – in the mean time just keep watching this edit!!!

Classic Weatherman


Classic New Footage From Weatherman

More fresh Doyle footage!! Seat-grab tables, classic downside whip transfers and an impossible barspin to fuf make this a must watch for anyone who’s ever smiled while riding a bicycle!!! We have the new signature Maiden forks arriving on the 1st April – they won’t make you ride like The King but they’ll for-sure look great and last an eon.

Enarson Pegs 180 Lookback Wallpaper


Enarson Pegs 180 Lookback WallpaperDennisWallPaper

Dennis Enarson absolutely murdered the Demolition Parts Spring Product Release Jam on Saturday with too many crazy moves to list. But if you ask me this grind to 180 lookback has the perfect mix of burley, tech, and style into one amazingly rad and rare trick to see done right” Said TM Joey Cobbs who pressed the button on this cracker! Left / Ctrl click and save it as your wallpaper as you wish. . .

More photos from the jam here:


Broc’s Vessel To Penetrate UK Boarder 1st April


Broc’s Vessel To Penetrate UK Boarder 1st April

Crank arm to ice down a legit rail!! Up backwards rail like it was nothing! Not as cool as a sunny weekend outside but hell, Broc’s new promo edit for his Vessel signature frame hits hard and adds yet more pace to Mr Raifords relentless media onslaught – and this footage here is mostly stuff that didn’t make the cut for the upcoming Volume Bikes full-length “Shoot Your Future”. Vessel frames come with a lanky-bloke friendly 9.25″ standover and will be in the UK 1st April!! No Joke!!

Almost As Sweat As Your First Pair Of Tits


Almost As Sweet As Your First Pair Of Tits

Unless you saw your first ever pair of tits in the flesh earlier then the wallride to whip at the end of this will be without a doubt the best thing you’ll have set your eyes on all day.

All fresh Chris Doyle footage is welcomed here with full attention, utter awe and maximum respect – but man – when it’s this good and set to an Archers of Loaf track – we almost shed a tear over this one!

Newly named and revised Doyle signature Demolition Parts Maiden forks will be here in the UK at the end of the month.

Ruler Of The Roost


Enarson Ruling The Nike Roost

It might not be a contest but MARKIT BMX owner and Demolition Parts rider Dennis Enarson rules the roost in this one from the Nike team’s recent trip to Argentina. . . we have the first items from his signature range due in at the end of the month. The line in this with the concrete doubles really is something else!!

A Trio Of Fresh Stems

Three Amigos: A Trio Of Fresh Stems

We have 3 brand new Demolition Parts signature stems landing in the UK at the end of the month. 1 for Aaron Smith called the Brace, 1 for Connor Lodes called the Top Lodes and 1 for Kris Fox called the Stylus. Along with fresh riding footage of all 3 dudes and the longest ice 180 we’ve ever seen, details of all 3 are featured in this kick-ass Mike Mastroni filmed promo edit.

Broc’s Vessel

Up-Close With Broc’s Vessel

Screen shot 2014-02-26 at 16.29.34

Volume Bikes have a great little interview on their site about the thinking behind the design and geometry of his much anticipated Vessel frame (which we’ll have available here in the UK at the end of March). Broc’s a tall dude with a penchant for front wheel rolling and has the highest bunny hop in the game – have a read and find out about how the choices he’s made play up to his strengths and riding style. You can have a read by clicking here.

Screen shot 2014-02-26 at 16.29.56