Kris Fox With Tea & Biscuits Extras

Leftover Tea & Biscuits With Kris Fox

We’re so proud that Elephant Distribution played a part in this!! Plenty of footage of our Rush and Level sessions from the summer in here and worth a watch for the Woodward roof manual line alone! Please Chris – slow down long enough to buy us dinner soon!

The Winbourne 2014 Video


The Winbourne 2014 Video

Plenty of good times from our friends over in Winbourne in this one – a perfect local scene video with a golden-timeless-feel from the very same camera that brought to you Clicked Video Magazine. I’m so stoked to have a few clips in here – even if most of them are crashes. . .

Why Tyler Didn’t Make It

Why Tyler Didn’t Make It On T&B2

This video explains why Tyler Fernengel and Dennis Enarson didn’t make it on our Tea & Biscuits tour from a couple months back. Initially, Tyler at least, was booked on for the UK Demolition trip but after weighing up monkeys and waterfalls against rain and indoor skateparks he followed Dennis and headed to Malaysia.

But he doesn’t get out of it that easy – his flight to the UK wasn’t refundable but it was changeable – so expect to see Tyler and Hucker (another Demolition rider who had flights booked for Tea & Biscuits 2 but who’s plans changed) over here early next year for another Elephant Distribution UK trip – we’re keen to switch things up so we’ve been throwing ideas around for a theme for that and “Beer & Hot Dogs” hasn’t been ruled out yet!! More on that soon. . .


Help Rebuild Bartley Park

Help Rebuild Bartley Park


Totton Skatepark (AKA Bartley Park) is just down the road from Elephant HQ, it has been a staple session spot for many central southcoast BMX riders over the years and has helped shape the careers of house-hold name superstars such as Jon Root, Alan ‘Stig’ Cole & Grant ‘Chopper’ Fielding. Unfortunatly, the well used but questionably designed fibreglass ramps are now even more soggy and spongy than the day they were made and a group of good natured locals have come together to form a community group and are well on the way to getting a proper new park built. Please take a minute out of your day to take a look at what they have going on – your comments and interaction will help see this thing set in concrete and in tern help nurture future generations of BMX riding ramp technicians, disgruntled punks and diamond earring wearing hot-shot mountain bikers. . . or facebook here

Tea & Biscuits 2: The Edit


Tea & Biscuits 2: The Edit


Here it is – the video of the highlight of our summer – Tea & Biscuits 2: The Refill. With some bangers held back for Volume’s upcoming full length DVD and with much of the extra curricular activities too sordid for public viewing – this is the best of the rest from our 12 days on the road condensed into a few short minutes. Big thanks to all the shops and parks and people who helped make this such a kickass time. . .


Volume Bikes / MARKIT BMX / Demolition Parts


Free Tie-Dye shirts


Free Volume & Demolition Tie-Dye Shirts

Free shirts yo

Want a free tie-dye Demolition Parts or Volume Bikes shirt!!?? All you have to do is hit up your local bike shop and have them get in touch with us – we’re giving away x5 free shirts with shop orders. Hand tied, hand dyed and hand printed by qualified professionals here at Elephant HQ. . .

Chris Doyle: Glorious


Chris Doyle: Glorious

Yeah sure Doyle runs a Kink frame but the rest of his bike is Demolition Parts through and through. This edit is immense – 4 peg freecoaster street jibbing might be all the rage thesedays but no one who owns a BMX can say this 4 minutes is anything short of glorious. . .

Where In The World Is Kris Fox?


Where In The World Is Kris Fox?


“Dude! Sweet” Kris Fox has been doing big airs and promising to buy people diner all over the world this year – we were lucky enough to have his super laid back and surfed-out company for our Tea & Biscuits tour a few weeks back. Here’s an interview with the “fastest man in freestyle” all about his travels with plenty of T&B photos to illustrate. . . here it is here.

Broc’s Vessel

Broc’s Vessel Frame Causes Global Catastrophe vessel1

Here at Elephant, Russell worries that if we keep bringing in all this metal from other parts of the world the weight shift will cause the Earth to start spinning off axis and we’ll end up breaking free of the Sun’s gravity and get shot off into deep space!!!

I tell him not too worry and that it’s worth the risk as the new 24mm Demolition Rig cranks and Broc’s Vessel look awesome. Check some of the new parts we have here - and check Broc eating a Cornish pasty below. . .


The Dennis Enarson Rig Line Interview


The Dennis Enarson Rig Line Interview



The good folk over at the pond at Demolition HQ have put together an awesome insight interview with Dennis Enarson all about his new signature Rig Line. We’ve had the bars here in the UK for a few months now and they’ve been well popular – unfortunately we’ll have to wait until November until we get our hands on the tyres but we’ll have the 24mm Rig cranks here in less than 2 weeks! You can have a read of the full interview here. . .


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